my videos

I love all forms of storytelling, but my favorite medium to work with definitely has to be video. I'm very passionate about filmmaking (especially documentaries!) and love including it in my professional work. Here are a few videos that I have filmed and edited.

BENEATH THE SURFACE (Documentary Short)

During my last semester at BU, I was the producer of a short documentary called Beneath the Surface. This 20 minute film discusses the current state of human trafficking and prostitution in Boston. It also tells the story of Cherie, a former prostitute who is now the director of E.V.A., an organization that works to help other victims of sex trafficking leave the sex industry as she did before. Due to the involvement of members of the Boston Police Department in the film and their broadcasting restrictions, the documentary is only available for viewing on a private vimeo page at this time. If you'd like to view this documentary, please click here and use the password "surface1".  Interviewed, filmed and edited.